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Upon further investigation of Iams/Eukanuba, I discovered disturbing testing practices performed by one of their laboratories. Video may be viewed here (parental discretion advised - some of this material is extremely graphic). Here are some of their researchers. I am not a radical, but I am very animal/dog-protective and these are the facts (anyone can find this information - unfortunately it took this much before I investigated for myself).

I entrusted premium food to be premium food; not put my dogs lives at risk. When that happened, I dug deeper. And with that I am sorry I have ever promoted these products. Additional research (beginning with this link) has lead me to conclude that I can no longer recommend any of my clients switch to Hill's® Science Diet®. I recommend a home-prepared diet at this time, however I am currently using a mix of home-prepared food and Innova & Innova Evo (click here for more info) while I educate myself further in regards to home-prepared meals.

Please visit this site for some dietary guidelines. I also encourage you to consult your Veterinarian.

Please call or email me if you have any questions. I am prepared to answer any and all inquiries immediately. You may also call my Veterinarian for confirmation. I will give that number upon inquiry via phone call or email.

This is not meant as defamation. It is meant as an informational warning so that no other animals are in jeopardy.

PS: The products were purchased at Petco.



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