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More reports of dogs getting sick after eating Iams in the "Green Bag."
These were not included in the last recall.

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Hub Pages - Dog Food - Iams Recall
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Couple Fears Iams Dog Food Sickened Their Pets

Consumer Website Shows Dozens Of Similar Stories

BLACK FOREST, Colo. -- A Black Forest couple is having their dog food tested for contamination after both of their dogs got violently sick. Carol and Erin Burks had been feeding their pets Iams since November, but they said it was after they opened a fresh bag last month that the dogs started to become lethargic, and excrete and vomit blood. Read more >>

Proctor & Gamble Purchases Natura Pet Products

Long-trusted holistic pet food maker Natura Pet Products has sold out to Proctor & Gamble. Natura Pet Products makes Innova, Evo, California Naturals, Healthwise and Karma. I am currently researching dog foods after my pet family became ill. I had fed exclusively Iams/Eukanuba products - made by Proctor & Gamble - up to and during the onset of illness. Proctor & Gamble acquired the Iams and Eukanuba brands in 2000. The corporation has made several changes to the formulas and ingredients following acquisition, as I've recently learned through research.

What's in your pet's food?

Have you read the label on your pet companion's food? What is really in it? Dog food labels can be deceiving. Major food manufacturers claim to use chicken, beef, lamb, whole grains, and quality fats - and many state they use no fillers. Only half the story is provided. The rest of the story is veiled behind obscure ingredients listed on the labels.

Dog Food FAQs

The following are a few of the many posts at ConsumerAffairs.com. Several families have had sickened pets, with some of them dying. They had all eaten Iams/Eukanuba food prior to their illnesses and while getting sick. How many pet owners and veterinarians don't know it could be the food that is causing problems?

Nicole of Thomaston, CT June 25, 2010
I have two dogs, one didn't like the food I normally feed so we bought her a bag of IAMS Healthy Natural. She got really itchy and had bloody sores on her skin. She didn't want to eat the food and lost some weight, she is a rescue and is already underweight. A few hundred dollars later the vet said she was probably allergic to chicken. We bought her a new food and she seems to be doing better on it. The bag was 7lbs and nearly empty so I mixed a VERY SMALL portion of the IAMS food into my other dog's food. He had soft stools for a few days. I did not feed anymore of the food for a couple days. It cleared up.

I gave my dog less of the IAMS and mixed it into his regular food, a few hours later my dog was very restless and was pacing around the room at night NOT normal for him. MY husband took him out and he proceeded to a few minutes later vomit a large amounts twice in the house. There was red in the vomit but I thought it was something he ate that was red.

I fed him his regular food and he seemed better. A few hours passed and I took him out and he had very loose stools and there was blood present in the stools. I am very worried about my dog after reading similar [or worse] complaints about IAMS dog food and the fact that my dog is ill!! Also, IAMS cat food was recently recalled so I'm wondering if there is a connection there. Read more >>

L of Everett, WA June 25, 2010
We have just had a similar experience with Iams Large Breed Proactive Health dog food in the green bag. Wepurchased a 48lb. bag from Costco last Sunday. We've been using Iams for over 15 years and have never had any issues. Less than 24 hours after giving our Lab mix girl a bowl of food from the new bag, she had a massive bout of vommiting. She also was drinking a lot of water. The next day she seemed better and I put her normal amount of food in her bowl. She wouldn't touch it. Read more >>

I thought I had heard about a dog food recall recently and went to the internet to look. Nothing about Iams dog food, but then I came across this sight. WOW!! My concern was immediate and I emptied her bowl and cooked up some rice for her. We are now switching her to a prescription formula that her vet wanted her to go on. I filed a complaint with the FDA this morning and am going to complain to Iams as well. I want nothing from them, but they do need to check into whats going on with their food! I agree that everyone in the same situation needs to file complaints. the only way to get to the bottom of this. Read more >>

christi of santa fe, NM June 24, 2010
I bought a bag of the red IAMS Lamb and rice, for my dog. Noticed at check out that it had a free can of their wet food in it. Fed my dog 4 meals. It was very hot and she seemed to have some breathing issues but I chalked it up to the heat. After the 4th meal, hit can with my scoop, pulled it out and saw that it had exploded and looked green. I thought well thank God it's in a bag. put it in a zip lock and tossed it. That night my dogs breathing got worse and she seemed to be having a stroke. As she is 16 I have decided that I would allow her to pass gracefully and in essence have a DNR for her. I sat with her while she was in agony, I did not make the connection to the food until 4 am that morning.

Needless to say I took her to vet in am who called IAMS immediately with bag # etc. I emailed them and was told I would hear back within 24 hrs. I gave the info to their agent over the phone who had the audacity to tell me the problem was with their cat food not their dog food. Again I would hear back within 24 - 48 hrs as they needed to talk to my vet. Weeks later no one has contacted my vet or me and when I called this am twice, I got differnt info. I still need to keep the can in my freezwr and the bag in my trunk so no animal will get into it. HELP! what is up with this company? Read more >>

Rhonda of Sheridan, IN June 24, 2010
I too about 2 weeks ago switched my St Bernards to IAMS Lrg breed dog food in the green bag. After 3 days I had one girl vommit and started to not want to eat. She had recently been bred so thought it might be pregnancy. Then a male did the same and then it started staggering from one dog then another. Today I was up to 7 saints vommiting, diarhea and not wanting to eat. For all of my babies this is very unusual. I have spent several hundreds of dollars on blood test for possible infections and exams. I decided to search and found an alarming amount of complaints recently. I immediatly filed a report with the FDA and bought another food. My guys ate with no hesitation and no vommiting afterwards. This is scary as I always thought IAMS was very reputable but there can be no other explanation but the food, in my opinion. Please everyone file a complaint so it can be investigated

Heather of Yuma, AZ June 23, 2010
I came across the information about IAMS Pro-Active Mini-Chunks (green bag)and Pro-Active Weight Control (blue bag) through another source. I recently (approx. mid May) started feeding both my dogs IAMS brand foods: my Lab IAMS Pro-Active Adult Lamb Meal & Rice Formula and my dachshund IAMS Healthy Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice. I have noticed in the past two days that my lab does not want to eat his food in the mornings which is VERY unusual for him. My dachshund hasn't been eating in the mornings either (not too unusual for him). I have not paid much attention to the nature of their stool but will now. My lab has been smacking, licking his jowels a lot in the past couple of days and has been very thirsty.

Generally, if there is a problem with the dogs in my household my lab starts to show signs of it first as he has a very sensitive stomach and immune system. I will be returning the remainder of both bags of food to PetSmart today for something else. I urge EVERYONE that is having/has had an issue with this pet food to please, PLEASE file a Consumer Complaint with the FDA. Go to the FDA website and click on cotact FDA, report a problem, and follow the onscreen instructions. There is a list, by state, of numbers to call for the Consumer Complaint Coordinator in your area. It is imperative that FDA knows about these issues as they are the ones that regulate pet foods. I have only seen one post that talked about contacting the FDA. A Thank You should go out to that family from Colorado Springs, CO that unfortunately lost one of their beloved. Again, I urge you all to contact FDA and IAMS (even though IAMS is a big corporation and will not admit to any contamination until they are forced to). Thanks!!! Read more >>

Laurie of Pickerington, OH June 22, 2010
I have three Cocker Spaniels, two of which have gotten very sick eating the IAMS Mini Chunk dog food. They have been sick for the last couple of weeks with bloody diarrhea, vomiting, and extreme thirst. The third dog is on another dog food for dietary reasons and has not gotten sick at all. I have been out of town and my husband has been calling me asking what to do. He stopped feeding them for 24 hours to see if that would help. I then told him to put them on a bland, rice based, soft dog food. They are getting better. I called IAMS and they asked me several questions and said that we should throw away the food we have and get a new bag. I asked if they had changed their formula by adding any new vitamins or minerals and they said no. They will give me a coupon for a new bag. I then found a large amount of posts on the web stating that many other dog owners are suffering the same thing during the same period of time. It is concerning to me that there hasn't been a recall if IAMS is getting numerous complaints about the same type of food. I'm not sure if I want to use the same kind of food again, especially if they are going to get sick once again. Read more >>

Carol of Colorado springs, CO June 22, 2010
I reported our dog Scrapper dieing a few weeks back and our dog Boo being lethargic, stopped eating, and throwing up blood and followed by bloody stool. The lab is still recovering, almost back to normal since switching to a high end food. The FDA contacted us and came to our house and talked with us for 3 1/2 hrs. They took 10 lbs of dog food to have tested at three labs. No results yet. We sent samples to independent labs for test also, no results yet. Whatever you do, log on to the FDA database and fill out the info for pet foods. You should be able to find it. Fill it out completely or it will be rejected. Then and only then will the FDA contact you or help you in any way. Iams also ask for a sample, they say they will only test for nutritional content. Hmmm? I don't think that is what's making our dogs sick. Do not stop trying to solve this. Only with our persistence will we find the real reasons for our dog's dieing and getting sick. Read more >>

Will of Dubuque, IA June 21, 2010
This is an update to my May 30, 2010 posting. It's interesting to see a posting mentioning that pet owners should be contacting Iams directly. Many indeed have contacted Iams only to be told the company has not received any reports of pets getting sick, nor is there a problem with the food. In speaking with them myself, I was told there was no problem with the food, but they would be willing to replace it. Food replacement will do nothing to alleviate the suffering of the pet companions, nor will it reimburse the owners who have spent a great deal of money dealing with the sickness; some have had devastating costs.

And some are so concerned that they are paying for their own testing of the food at a huge expense after being told by Iams only nutritional tests would be performed on any food sent to them. In my opinion: The company is playing a waiting game. How many people who have had sickened pets not contacted Iams or used such resources as ConsumerAffairs.com because they don't realize there's a problem with the food? To those who contacted Iams and were told to send food for testing: did Iams admit there is a problem with the food? Did they say they were going to test for contaminants, or merely for nutritional content as others have been told? Read more >>

Anthony of Federal Way, WA June 19, 2010
Dog number one started to get sick around June 15th. We took her to the vet and were told that she had probably eaten something with bacteria in it. Switched her diet to rice and gave her antibiotics and she was was feeling better within a day. Dog number two just got sick, and dog number three is looking pretty lethargic. There is no compost pile or anything in my yard and I clean it regularly, so I looked up their food. We are using the green Iams bag of mini-chunks purchased in bulk at Costco. Imagine my surprise at running across so many complaints!

Here's the kicker: This is one day before we leave on vacation. I am not sure the kennel will take them, and I am going to have to scramble to get them to the vet and find a place to board them. This is the first and last time that I have ever started feeding them Iams dog food. From now on I will stick to the better more expensive brand that does not make my poor dogs sick. If I had bothered looking to see this company's reputation I would not have purchased this food for them. Expensive trip to Hawaii probably ruined at the last minute when I can't cancel or get a refund, vet bills. Read more >>

Julie of Temecula, CA June 18, 2010
If you think your dog's illness is because of IAMs you need to call IAMs directly. My husband contacted them and they are being very helpful and proactive in finding out if it is their dog food that caused our dog's current illness that I had reported on this site on June 7th. They are contacting our vets and are having us send a sample of the dog food to them for testing. Again, let IAM's know so that if it turns out to be the food they can take steps to keep any other dogs from getting sick. Read more >>

I had been an Eukanuba/Iams Select Breeder for all my years of breeding; using and promoting their products (food, treats, etc.) and having fairly good luck with the products until recently. At this time,  I am strongly urging all of my dog/puppy owners to stop using all Eukanuba/Iams products immediately. I have had two food infestations within the last few months.

It seems I am not the only one. More important information is available here.

I appreciate your patience, but due to confidentiality agreements I am no longer able to offer updates of my own situation.

I will continue with other updates. Everything so far posted is correct to the best of my knowledge. I recently received an email contact of news of another loss of a pet who had eaten Eukanuba.

Please continue to check ConsumerAffairs.com.

If you are also experiencing similar illness with your pet,
please inform the proper authorities.

FDA Contact Information

NEW! File a Report Online

How to Report a Pet Food Complaint | FDA Consumer Complaint Contact


Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

This is not meant as defamation. It is meant as an informational warning so that no other animals are placed in jeopardy.

I do not grant permission for any of my offspring (pups and/or dogs) to be sold, placed, given up, surrendered, handed over and/or anything of the like, but not limited to single ownership (i.e., third-party, family member, etc.) for any kind of testing purposes (pharmaceutical, dietary, including and/or not limited to anything of the like). Refer back to contract for purposes of right of first option.

Lovable Labs Hold Top Spot for 21 Years
The American Kennel Club (AKC®) announced its nationwide registration statistics today, revealing that for the 21st consecutive year, the Labrador Retriever is still the most popular breed in America.
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For Your Information
Please take great care when considering adopting a puppy or, contact me for proven excellence, with credentials, certified pedigrees, health certifications, references, long lineage of Titles and much more.

Beware sites like this: http://www.illinoislabradorbreeders.com/ They are run by a firm, own several domains, that are linked to several states and various breeds, which is typical of a mass production. Click here for a Google search of their phone number. A Better Business Bureau search displays them with a grade of "F" and has them classified as a "Pet Boarding" company. http://www.seflorida.bbb.org/businessreport.aspx?companyid=22003405

Great consideration should be given when coming across web sites as these
that can be misleading and misrepresenting.

Click here for more information you'll find Good to Know

Iams/Eukanuba Testing Practices
(warning: extremely graphic)
Any dog food company that feels it necessary to conduct tests such as these (see below) speak magnitude of what's going in the food that would require such testing as these or anything similar. Seriously folks. - S.E.L.
For all of you who used to be like me in using these products.

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