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Not too bad for our second time out yesterday. Rem picked up a few birds and I was lucky enough to shoot one of his nose. It doens't get much better than that.

Mike in New Hampshire





Buster is doing great! Dad takes him to the park everyday and the water is becoming his best friend! We can't thank you enough for the addition to our family, he brings us great joy, laughs, and smiles.

Buster is top of class in obedience school and having fun with his classmates. He's growing fast but is a kind gentle friend. We appreciate him everyday - thank you Selena, Godiva and Rocket.

More happy updates to come, hope all is well.

The Hefferans


Trooper is the most easy going, docile and loving dog I have ever met.  My 3 year old son and Trooper are best buddies!  My son has medical problems and has a tracheostomy for breathing.  Trooper adapted to this right away.  The first night Trooper was with us, the two of them were laying next to each other watching cartoons.  They love to play with each other and their favorite game is “come get me because I have your toy”.  They each know which toy will get the other running.

Several weeks ago my son was sick and needed oxygen at night.  Trooper understood that this was a different sound from the normal equipment in my son’s room.  He also knew that mommy was checking on ‘his boy’ more than usual.  After my second trip into the bedroom, Trooper decided it was his duty to stay in the bedroom and stand watch over ‘his boy’, so he layed down at the side of the bed and stayed there for 4 hours until the night shift nurse arrived to “take over”.  Every time my son moved during the 4 hours, Trooper perked up his head and layed it on the mattress next to my son’s hand so he would know that his buddy Trooper was there and would protect him.

Trooper is the best dog and we could not have asked for a better dog!!


Cooper and BuddyBuddy n Cooper

We are just having the best time with Cooper and Buddy ...and the snow. They are good boys. We have done lots of entertaining, so the pups have had lots of (controlled so as not to over stimulate them) attention.

They have been little angels and our guests are now thinking all pups are as perfectly behaved as ours. People are amazed at the commands the pups know already (thanks to you...and to us for following through with them.)

The vet was quite impressed with the little guys. We have a 22-year history with her, and we know we can trust her judgements and recommendations. She is obviously an animal lover, but can be very businesslike and serious, but our babies had her laughing and talking a mile a minute. We spent an hour-and-a-half with her, mostly because I just think she was taking the time to appreciate and enjoy our babies.


Peppermint PattPeppermint Patti

I got Peppermint Patti from you a year ago, and I just wanted to say thank you so much.

I have a few photos I want you to see.

She has turned out to be a pretty good hunting dog for me. We had a great first year.

I think she retrieved around 75 ducks for me.

Jeremy Z.


Hello again! Thursday (5/7) was Meghan's 1 year birthday. She remains the picture of health; full of energy and a bundle of love & joy.

Meghan and the boys get along great; her disposition is perfect. Logan is taking a dog obedience class with Meghan for 4-H. Together they will appear in the Kane county dog show in June for 4-H.

Just a quick note to say hello, and happy birthday from Meghan.

Matt S.


Our family purchased a female black lab puppy from Selena from a litter born in September. We have had our puppy, Riley, home for one month now and she is already becoming a great dog. As represented, she is beautiful, healthy, smart, obedient and loving.

We would highly recommend Selena and her dogs to anyone who is serious about being a dog owner and is looking for a sound quality dog. Not only is being a breeder her business but it is her passion and it shows in every gesture she makes and every word that she speaks.

Dawn G.

Bosco n CharlyBosco and Charly

I own one of Selena's Chocolate Labs named Charly. He came to me at 2 yrs old after a "false start" with another family. I have owned sporting dogs for 25 yrs, Goldens and Labs. I presently have another Chocolate lab, Bosco who is an intact male. Our first challenge was to socialize the two. After a few face offs they settled down to become best friends.

Charly is very active and fit. He is affectionate and very intelligent. He has taken to his new family and even though he makes a few mistakes (socks for chew toys, etc he is a great companion and a welcome addition to the family. Although I no longer hunt, Charly's instincts are very keen in this area. Selena is very particular who her pups go to and that the match is a fit for everyone. As in Charly's case it took two bites at the apple but he is now happy and loved.

I would highly recommend Selena as a breeder to select. She is hands on with the dogs and passionate in her work.

Dave W.


The kids' new baby brother is officially named Buddy. Everyone is so thrilled to have him as a new addition to the family. Buddy has become somewhat of a celebrity in the neighborhood. I would say he probably has at least fifty new friends. I was going to start charging admission at the front door to let people pet Buddy.

Jessie continues to sing to Buddy, although tonight she’s not feeling well and fell asleep early. Jake likes to read to him.   Jordan can’t stop hugging him.

We’ll give kisses to Buddy and let him know Grandma does miss him.

Yours truly,

Steve, Deena, Jordan, Jake and Jessica


Hi Selena

I hope you and ‘the family’ are doing well. I attached some pictures of Trinity at our home for you.

She’s doing well. We are thoroughly enjoying her!



Trinity continues to be an amazing companion, friend and “sibling” for the kids. Everyone morning she gives hugs and kisses.

She’s very protective of the children when we’re outside. She listens amazing well and is a great hunting dog. Thanks for her!

We hope you and the family are doing well.

Tom & Heidi



Here is a pic of Ramona all grown up!

Thanks again for a GREAT dog!






We love Stella so much... and apparently, so do all of our neighbors.  One woman (a stranger) came up to Brandon and said that she had seen Stella around and that she brings "so much happiness to the neighborhood." 

We live in an area with a lot of friendly dogs, and she's a pretty popular girl.

She's our little baby!

As you know, i could go on and on forever...

Milisa and Brandon


Hi Selena!

It has been such a pleasure to have Yuki in our life :)
He is such a good boy!

I attached some pictures of him. Please check out his handsome face!!!

Thanks again!
Haruko & John


This little lady (Gypsy) is something else.

She has a great personality. She goes to work with me.  Everybody that meets her falls in love with her.

You are great at what you do, thank you for creating such a great companion.

She is doing great. She is very smart, sometimes toooooo smart. She goes with me everywhere I go. If she can't go, I do not go.

Thanks for my best friend.



Everything is going great with Gunner.  Last night was the final night of puppy training class.  He was one of the star students in the class.  The instructor repeatedly commented on how well he behaved around the other puppies.
His favorite thing is going to the dog beach, where there are 50-60 other dogs.  He takes off into the water and chases any toys he finds.


Hey Selena!

Hope all is well. Thought you'd like an update on Rudy - he is doing so great! I can't believe he is over 5 months old already. Boy has he grown! We weighed him the other day and he was about 42 lbs! He is such a good, smart and handsome pup we have been enjoying every single moment with him. He loves talking walks and playing tug of war with his rope toys. And my favorite time together is when we snuggle! : )

Hope all is well with you and gang!
Kelly & Alan


Hi Selena!

We are celebrating Hudson's 1st Birthday over here!  I can't believe he is 1 already.  He got a new "baby" and a new bone.  We also took him out to a new trail where he had the best time sniffing around.  He even layed down in the lake to cool down. 

He just walked into the bedroom and snuck up on the bed for a little snooze.  He has a few minutes before he has to go out front and watch for Henry's bus to come.  He somehow "knows" what time it is and waits by the door at the same time every school day.  He also goes with me to take and pick up Harlan from preschool.  He is so well behaved in the car that you almost forget he is there!  We just love that boy!

Take care,



Hi Selena,

I am writing to tell you about Lucy.  She was first named Sadie.  We decided Lucy {as in Lucile Ball} fit her personality.  She always makes us laugh.

Lucy is a very smart dog.  We are working with a trainer to help her reach her full potential.  One day she will be a therapy dog.

Our trainer, Kirk, of K-9 Motivation wants to recommend you as a breeder.  He is very impressed with Lucy and said she is the result of proper breeding.

Keep up the great job & belated Happy Mother's Day to Sandy-Girl!

Sherri P.


Trudy went for her first doctor's visit and the doctor was extremely impressed with Trudy and you. Trudy's over all health, shots, training, socialization, dew claw removal, etc. made the Dr. grateful as well as the information you had provided for us and the Dr. to help keep her happy and healthy.

The doctor (Vet) would like to know if she may recommend people to you. She purchased her Lab puppy from someone here in St. Louis that was recommended; her puppy was not nearly trained, or as well mannered as Trudy, whom we purchased (adopted) from you.

It was also great how you had showed how to clip her nails and clean her ears properly.

Thank you again!!! We can't begin to tell you how much pleasure and joy Trudy has brought to our home.

Ed & Gretchen


I'm so happy with Carmel; she's my best friend! Carmel's the best dog I've ever had. She's so smart; everything I teach her, she learns right away. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to adopt her.  It was great that you encouraged me to spend the time with her before I brought her home. I got to know you better and spend time with her other siblings.  They were all great puppies; I wish I could've taken them all because they were all wonderful. 

I am so happy with my dog. She's so special for me and my son. He has his friends come over here (home) so he can spend time with her and them together. I don't usually cry, but she makes me so happy; you gave me the best dog/friend and I'll be back for another soon.


Sandy, Fox Red Labrador Puppy, Charly

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