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More and more pets are getting sick. What is happening?


Nicole of Thomaston, CT June 25, 2010
I have two dogs, one didn't like the food I normally feed so we bought her a bag of IAMS Healthy Natural. She got really itchy and had bloody sores on her skin. She didn't want to eat the food and lost some weight, she is a rescue and is already underweight. A few hundred dollars later the vet said she was probably allergic to chicken. We bought her a new food and she seems to be doing better on it. The bag was 7lbs and nearly empty so I mixed a VERY SMALL portion of the IAMS food into my other dog's food. He had soft stools for a few days. I did not feed anymore of the food for a couple days. It cleared up.

I gave my dog less of the IAMS and mixed it into his regular food, a few hours later my dog was very restless and was pacing around the room at night NOT normal for him. MY husband took him out and he proceeded to a few minutes later vomit a large amounts twice in the house. There was red in the vomit but I thought it was something he ate that was red.

I fed him his regular food and he seemed better. A few hours passed and I took him out and he had very loose stools and there was blood present in the stools. I am very worried about my dog after reading similar [or worse] complaints about IAMS dog food and the fact that my dog is ill!! Also, IAMS cat food was recently recalled so I'm wondering if there is a connection there.

L of Everett, WA June 25, 2010
We have just had a similar experience with Iams Large Breed Proactive Health dog food in the green bag. Wepurchased a 48lb. bag from Costco last Sunday. We've been using Iams for over 15 years and have never had any issues. Less than 24 hours after giving our Lab mix girl a bowl of food from the new bag, she had a massive bout of vommiting. She also was drinking a lot of water. The next day she seemed better and I put her normal amount of food in her bowl. She wouldn't touch it.

I thought I had heard about a dog food recall recently and went to the internet to look. Nothing about Iams dog food, but then I came across this sight. WOW!! My concern was immediate and I emptied her bowl and cooked up some rice for her. We are now switching her to a prescription formula that her vet wanted her to go on. I filed a complaint with the FDA this morning and am going to complain to Iams as well. I want nothing from them, but they do need to check into whats going on with their food! I agree that everyone in the same situation needs to file complaints. the only way to get to the bottom of this.

christi of santa fe, NM June 24, 2010
I bought a bag of the red IAMS Lamb and rice, for my dog. Noticed at check out that it had a free can of their wet food in it. Fed my dog 4 meals. It was very hot and she seemed to have some breathing issues but I chalked it up to the heat. After the 4th meal, hit can with my scoop, pulled it out and saw that it had exploded and looked green. I thought well thank God it's in a bag. put it in a zip lock and tossed it. That night my dogs breathing got worse and she seemed to be having a stroke. As she is 16 I have decided that I would allow her to pass gracefully and in essence have a DNR for her. I sat with her while she was in agony, I did not make the connection to the food until 4 am that morning.

Needless to say I took her to vet in am who called IAMS immediately with bag # etc. I emailed them and was told I would hear back within 24 hrs. I gave the info to their agent over the phone who had the audacity to tell me the problem was with their cat food not their dog food. Again I would hear back within 24 - 48 hrs as they needed to talk to my vet. Weeks later no one has contacted my vet or me and when I called this am twice, I got differnt info. I still need to keep the can in my freezwr and the bag in my trunk so no animal will get into it. HELP! what is up with this company?

Rhonda of Sheridan, IN June 24, 2010
I too about 2 weeks ago switched my St Bernards to IAMS Lrg breed dog food in the green bag. After 3 days I had one girl vommit and started to not want to eat. She had recently been bred so thought it might be pregnancy. Then a male did the same and then it started staggering from one dog then another. Today I was up to 7 saints vommiting, diarhea and not wanting to eat. For all of my babies this is very unusual. I have spent several hundreds of dollars on blood test for possible infections and exams. I decided to search and found an alarming amount of complaints recently. I immediatly filed a report with the FDA and bought another food. My guys ate with no hesitation and no vommiting afterwards. This is scary as I always thought IAMS was very reputable but there can be no other explanation but the food, in my opinion. Please everyone file a complaint so it can be investigated

Heather of Yuma, AZ June 23, 2010
I came across the information about IAMS Pro-Active Mini-Chunks (green bag)and Pro-Active Weight Control (blue bag) through another source. I recently (approx. mid May) started feeding both my dogs IAMS brand foods: my Lab IAMS Pro-Active Adult Lamb Meal & Rice Formula and my dachshund IAMS Healthy Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice. I have noticed in the past two days that my lab does not want to eat his food in the mornings which is VERY unusual for him. My dachshund hasn't been eating in the mornings either (not too unusual for him). I have not paid much attention to the nature of their stool but will now. My lab has been smacking, licking his jowels a lot in the past couple of days and has been very thirsty.

Generally, if there is a problem with the dogs in my household my lab starts to show signs of it first as he has a very sensitive stomach and immune system. I will be returning the remainder of both bags of food to PetSmart today for something else. I urge EVERYONE that is having/has had an issue with this pet food to please, PLEASE file a Consumer Complaint with the FDA. Go to the FDA website and click on cotact FDA, report a problem, and follow the onscreen instructions. There is a list, by state, of numbers to call for the Consumer Complaint Coordinator in your area. It is imperative that FDA knows about these issues as they are the ones that regulate pet foods. I have only seen one post that talked about contacting the FDA. A Thank You should go out to that family from Colorado Springs, CO that unfortunately lost one of their beloved. Again, I urge you all to contact FDA and IAMS (even though IAMS is a big corporation and will not admit to any contamination until they are forced to). Thanks!!!

Laurie of Pickerington, OH June 22, 2010
I have three Cocker Spaniels, two of which have gotten very sick eating the IAMS Mini Chunk dog food. They have been sick for the last couple of weeks with bloody diarrhea, vomiting, and extreme thirst. The third dog is on another dog food for dietary reasons and has not gotten sick at all. I have been out of town and my husband has been calling me asking what to do. He stopped feeding them for 24 hours to see if that would help. I then told him to put them on a bland, rice based, soft dog food. They are getting better. I called IAMS and they asked me several questions and said that we should throw away the food we have and get a new bag. I asked if they had changed their formula by adding any new vitamins or minerals and they said no. They will give me a coupon for a new bag. I then found a large amount of posts on the web stating that many other dog owners are suffering the same thing during the same period of time. It is concerning to me that there hasn't been a recall if IAMS is getting numerous complaints about the same type of food. I'm not sure if I want to use the same kind of food again, especially if they are going to get sick once again.

Carol of Colorado springs, CO June 22, 2010
I reported our dog Scrapper dieing a few weeks back and our dog Boo being lethargic, stopped eating, and throwing up blood and followed by bloody stool. The lab is still recovering, almost back to normal since switching to a high end food. The FDA contacted us and came to our house and talked with us for 3 1/2 hrs. They took 10 lbs of dog food to have tested at three labs. No results yet. We sent samples to independent labs for test also, no results yet. Whatever you do, log on to the FDA database and fill out the info for pet foods. You should be able to find it. Fill it out completely or it will be rejected. Then and only then will the FDA contact you or help you in any way. Iams also ask for a sample, they say they will only test for nutritional content. Hmmm? I don't think that is what's making our dogs sick. Do not stop trying to solve this. Only with our persistence will we find the real reasons for our dog's dieing and getting sick.

Will of Dubuque, IA June 21, 2010
This is an update to my May 30, 2010 posting. It's interesting to see a posting mentioning that pet owners should be contacting Iams directly. Many indeed have contacted Iams only to be told the company has not received any reports of pets getting sick, nor is there a problem with the food. In speaking with them myself, I was told there was no problem with the food, but they would be willing to replace it. Food replacement will do nothing to alleviate the suffering of the pet companions, nor will it reimburse the owners who have spent a great deal of money dealing with the sickness; some have had devastating costs.

And some are so concerned that they are paying for their own testing of the food at a huge expense after being told by Iams only nutritional tests would be performed on any food sent to them. In my opinion: The company is playing a waiting game. How many people who have had sickened pets not contacted Iams or used such resources as ConsurmerAffairs.com because they don't realize there's a problem with the food? To those who contacted Iams and were told to send food for testing: did Iams admit there is a problem with the food? Did they say they were going to test for contaminants, or merely for nutritional content as others have been told?

Anthony of Federal Way, WA June 19, 2010
Dog number one started to get sick around June 15th. We took her to the vet and were told that she had probably eaten something with bacteria in it. Switched her diet to rice and gave her antibiotics and she was was feeling better within a day. Dog number two just got sick, and dog number three is looking pretty lethargic. There is no compost pile or anything in my yard and I clean it regularly, so I looked up their food. We are using the green Iams bag of mini-chunks purchased in bulk at Costco. Imagine my surprise at running across so many complaints!

Here's the kicker: This is one day before we leave on vacation. I am not sure the kennel will take them, and I am going to have to scramble to get them to the vet and find a place to board them. This is the first and last time that I have ever started feeding them Iams dog food. From now on I will stick to the better more expensive brand that does not make my poor dogs sick. If I had bothered looking to see this company's reputation I would not have purchased this food for them. Expensive trip to Hawaii probably ruined at the last minute when I can't cancel or get a refund, vet bills.

Julie of Temecula, CA June 18, 2010
If you think your dog's illness is because of IAMs you need to call IAMs directly. My husband contacted them and they are being very helpful and proactive in finding out if it is their dog food that caused our dog's current illness that I had reported on this site on June 7th. They are contacting our vets and are having us send a sample of the dog food to them for testing. Again, let IAM's know so that if it turns out to be the food they can take steps to keep any other dogs from getting sick.

Ken of Suwanee, GA June 17, 2010
I have three dogs, two of which have been eating IAMs Mini Chunks in the green bag. I bought a 40lb bag at SAMs a few weeks ago. On Monday night, 14 June, my miniature dachshund started getting sick, vomiting through the night. She became so lethargic we took her to our vet the next morning. She continued to vomit and started having diarrhea with blood in her stool. They ran many different tests and couldn't find a cause. They gave her IV fluids to rehydrate her and a shot to stop the nausea. Finnally she started feeling better.

The following morning my lab became sick and started having the same symptoms. I took her to the vet also and they gave her fluids and a shot for nausea. Its Thursday now and my dachshund is now eating chicken and rice that we cook until she gets back to normal. My lab is drinking, but still not eating anything. My third dog, a Jack Russell, did not get sick. Immediately I began to think it was their food because the two that got sick eat the same food -- IAMs mini chunks.

The Jack Russell has been on a special diet since birth. I began researching IAMs and came across the numerous complaints on this web site. I like the others with complaints believe that the IAMs food is the cause. I hope a cause can be found. P.S. IAMs web site does not acknowledge that this is going on. Another case of "big business hiding the truth".

My dachshund is better now, but my lab is still sick and feeling very weak. She does not want to eat anything even though she is very thin now. Our Vet bill is 1,211 to-date. I'm hoping both dogs get back to normal. The FDA should be alerted and conduct studies to determine the problem. There are too many complaints to not be a real problem. Dogs are getting sick daily and some are dying.

rick of depew, NY June 17, 2010
i have 3 dogs and they have been sick off and on for a couple of weeks. i have been feeding them the iams in the green bag (small chunks). a week a go i put them on a strict diet of rice, boiled chicken and a little bit of boiled sweet potato. they all started having normal stools without any issues. i let that continue for 3 days and switched them back to the dog food. today all 3 of them have had diarreah and 1 of the 3 had blood in her stool. i have an appointment with the vet tomorrow but it is clear that people need to stay away from this dog food until the problem is cleared up.

Kyle of Chicago, IL June 15, 2010
Purchased IAMS dog food (green bag) at Costco this weekend. Both dogs did not want to eat the food, but reluctantly did. Today both dogs had diahhrea and vomited... Add our family to the growing and recent list of concerned dog owners.

Tami of Keswick, VA June 13, 2010
My dog died today. I had 2 dogs, A 5 year old (Yogi) and a 12 year old (Shadow). They both have eaten Iams Green Bag all of their lives. I did notice that they didn't want anything to do with their dog food and like everyone else, thought they needed some variety so I added some beef and/or chicken broth to make it taste better which worked for the 12 year old but not the 5 year old, he would not touch it. Both dogs got sick (lethargic, vomiting and diharrea - no blood and some hallucinations) A couple of days ago I found this site and read everything and stopped feeding Iams to both dogs. The younger one has recovered after 3 days with no issues but the older one was having more issues recovering. Last night I thought she was getting better as she drank some water (threw up most of it but that was an improvement) and ate a couple of slices of turkey lunch meat.

This morning I was woken up by a grand mal seizure (I have seen these before in people but) this was the worst and the longest I had ever seen. There is something seriously wrong with this food!! I took Shadow to the emergency vets office as she was seizing every few minutes (none as bad as the first). She had complete kidney failure and had to be put to sleep. The vet said that the Iams issues were noted on her Vet site as the newest "big internet scam" and said it must have been anti-freeze or wet caulk. My dog is named Shadow because she never leaves my side. We have no anti-freeze or caulking around and even if we did, I would have seen her eat/drink it. The only person to take this seriously is Walmart.

leslee of tampa, FL June 13, 2010
My dog has had loose stools for about 3-4 days. She also didnt want to eat the food and leaves it there which is a new effort by her and highly unusual. after having loose stools and gas for days she woke up last night while I was sleeping and she pooped all over the house. This is also highly unusual. I have to suspect that something is wromg with the food. I am taking her to the veterinarian today to see what the issue is.

ARIAIL of COLUMBIA, SC June 11, 2010
I have two Pug-chihuahua puppies, about 7 months old. I had been feeding them Blue Buffalo - they both liked it and their digestive systems seem to work like clockwork- but it was a lot more expensive than some of the other premium brands. So then I switched to Iam's. They didn't seem to like it as much, but ate it. Then I started noticing a lot of accidents during the night, and it was loose stools or diarrhea.

Quit giving them that but bought Eukunuba (didn't realize same company). They were fine on that (seem to like it, no digestive issues), but I when I got low on food the other day, started back with the IAMs. (I know switching is bad, but I tried to mix some of the old with the new). They both have had loose stools/diarrhea AGAIN and multiple accidents on carpet. I am DONE with IAMS and Eukunuba! I will either go back to Blue Buffalo and find something else. Dogs suffered from loose stools/diarrhea and my carpet suffered from the dogs!

susan of anchorage, AK June 10, 2010
My five dogs have been very sick the last few days--after I began to mix in some Iams dry food with their regular food. Today I found out why-- in the middle of the bag of food--there is a rotten, exploded sample can of food that tainted much of the dry food surrounding the can. The can was in a plastic and even that didnt seal the mess. The bits of food are very dark and stained with the rotting substance--and now my poor dogs are puking all over.

I will never, ever trust Iams again. Back to Wellness--I have never had any problems with it. I had hoped they would clean up their act after so many pets have died. sick dogs, possible huge vet bills, hamburger and rice to help their tummies and 40 for the nasty bag of food.

Lisa of Phoenixville, PA June 9, 2010
I purchased the green 40 lb. bag of Iams from Costco in late May, 2010. For the last 7 days, on and off, my dog Golden has been lethargic and has had several bloody diarrhea stools -- only on my white carpeting of course. I just bought Beneful that I mixed with Iams today -- until I read all the comments. Yikes! There may be more problems to come. I am switching her to meat and rice for the next few days to settle things down. Poor thing.

Trish of Cheswick, PA June 9, 2010
Two weeks ago my 10 y.o. mixed pooch started turning his nose up at his Iams Dry Dog Food (Green Bag). I mix fresh cooked ground beef in with it and at first I thought he was just tired of the hamburger. I switched and cooked up a nice chuck roast for him-and he ate all the meat-but once again he ate around the dry. Then he got REALLY sick! He laid around for 2 days-wouldn't move from his bed-even refused water! I called his vet and he gave me a stomach/bowel (?) pill and put him on prednisone. No way could I get him to the car-he's too big to carry-100lbs. The only thing he would eat were little bites of cheese. It took him 5 days before he would even try food. I cleaned up runny, mucus filled dark stool after he moved his bowels. One behavior I saw him doing that was totally unusual for him was this licking of his lips! I've never seen him do this but I am reading that other dogs had similar symptoms. Thank heavens he pulled thru this.My heart goes out to others who's loving pets are suffering.

Dawn of West Fargo, ND June 7, 2010
My dog has experienced almost the same thing as with all the others on here. The only thing that I am not aware of is the blood in his stool. About 3 weeks ago our chocolate lab stopped eating his IAMS dog food. This is not normal for a lab. He left it sit in the bowl for over 5 hours and never did touch it. We gave him carrots and he ate them and other biscuits. I had read about IAMs previously and knew this must be the problem. We switched foods and he is doing much better and is also not lethargic anymore either and wants to play. I do believe there is something wrong with the IAMS (blue bag) and green too.

Julie of Temecula, CA June 7, 2010
I think IAM's dog food was to blame for my dogs recent illness. I've been feeding my various dogs IAM's for about 30 years and have never had a problem until recently when one of our dogs got REAL sick. He had started eating a lot of grass a month prior, then last week I found him severely dehydrated, extreme drooling, lethargic, etc. I took him to the vet and they kept him for the night on IV fluids.

When they came in the next morning he had been passing bloody diarrhea, or as the vet said "it was a blood bath". They sent him to emergency. He continued to go downhill, vomiting and bloody diarrhea (the blood was so bad that the emergency vet staff said that their night cleanup crew was traumatized from all the blood, a joke but it got the point across. I mean it was KILLING him. He spent 5 days on IV fluids, antibiotics, etc, while they did test after test for what was happening to him. All of the tests came back with no answers. He finally stopped vomiting and passing blood so they sent him home and had us feed chicken and rice and/of Hill's Prescription I/D dog food. He is doing just fine now.

So Saturday I took all of our dogs on a walk. I noticed our other dog had watery diarrhea (literally brown water) when I took her on our walk. She's also been eating a lot of grass (just as our other dog had done before he got so sick). She's also been losing a lot of weight and just not looking so good. Yesterday I found a large blob of mucus in our third dogs stool. She had started to not finish her IAMs when we fed her and now won't eat it at all, even when she's starving. She is usually a real good eater.

Jamie of batesville, MS June 4, 2010
We bought a small bag of the Iams dog food in the green bag and 2 days later my 2 year old toy poodle was sick with bloody diarrhea streaked with mucous. She has never had any issues with digestive troubles so we were alarmed. Called the vet and they suggested we take her off the food and keep her on a bland diet. Thought maybe she was having problems with dog food switch. So we fed her rice/chicken for a several days to let her "recover". We then decided to mix her old food with the iams and she began showing small signs of blood. Well today my son unknowingly fed her Iams alone. Now she is pooping almost straight blood.There must be something bad wrong with this food.

carol of colorado springs, CO June 4, 2010
I've been feeding my 14 year old beagle and 3 year old lab Iams since last October. Everything was fine until we left for our house in Colorado May 2nd. We had about a gallon of left over food to get us to our house. We bought a new bag when we got to Colorado. In about 2 weeks the beagle started shunning the Iam's. Being so old, I thought it was just her teeth. We started added warm water and she started eating it again. The lab continued to eat it dry. Then on about May 23rd, the beagle started getting very lathargic. Then she started not eating her food again.

Within two days, she threw up blood and blood was in her stool. The next morning at about 1am, she woke us up crying. When we went upstairs there was blood everywhere from throwing up. We rushed her to emergency pet care. We talked with them and they thought at her age of 14 years, it was probably cancer. She had lived a full life and we always said we wouldn't let her suffer. So, at 4:15am. we put her down. It was so hard after so many years. One week later to the date, the lab quit eating and the afternoon after that he threw up blood, alot!. We were going to wait until the next morning to take him to the vet. That night later, he had a bowl movement that was all blood no food. He hadn't eaten in about 2 1/2 days now. When we got up the next morning, he seemed a little better, so we held off on the vet. We were still not connecting the two dogs sickness because of age. That day, I was able to get the lab to eat a dog bisquit but it took awhile. He then ate 3 more during the day each time very slowly. He still would not touch the Iams.

This morning June 3rd, he seemed alot better after about 3 1/2 days without Iams dog food. Again this morning he wouldn't touch the Iams. I broke up a dog bisquit in his Iams and he sorted thru it and ate only the bisquit. That's when I had an Ah ha moment. I got some of our cat food and he ate it like he hadn't eaten in a week. Well, he almost hadn't. That's when my wife found all these other reports of the same kind of illness. Bought Bil-Jac dog food today and this afternoon he ate it like crazy. I am having testing done by an independent lab tomorrow. I contacted Iams and they acted like they had never heard of this problem. I felt totally insulted. Please don't let your dogs eat this food. It was the Iams in the green back, small chunks. We will see what Iams will do about this. We probably put our beloved Scrapper down last week for nothing. If Iam's would have reported this, it could have been prevented! Do you love your dog, no more Iams! Read more >>

Fred of Orland Park, IL May 31, 2010
6 year old yellow (120 lb) lab lethargic and won't get up. Cries when belly rubbed. She won't eat her IAMS dog food or Kirland Signature Adult Dog food with chicken purchased from COSCO. She only eats her snack bones. She has been eating this dog food for 5 years but at times her food would be untouched. She is a beggar and sits by the table with big eyes when we eat. I put the IAMS in my hand and a dog biscuit and she won't eat the IAMS. She will eat the dog biscuit treat. Taking her to a vet now.

Will of DUBUQUE, IA May 30, 2010
I recently had in my care a pair of amazing labs. They were healthy in all aspects. They are currently suffering the same maladies as are posted here - vomiting, diarrhea, bloody stools - after eating Iams. They have been fed Iams/Eukanuba food (Procter and Gamble products) their entire lives. All other potential causes have been ruled out by the veterinarian.

The company has been contacted to no avail. They claim there is no problem with the food. Could it be that the company faces millions of dollars in losses and a lower stock price if they admit there is something wrong with their food? For the love of money, our pets suffer. Tests have been conducted on the food verifying contamination by many.

christie of largo, FL May 30, 2010
I have been feeding my dogs Iams dog food for years. My Hazel has been sick for weeks now-vomiting,loose stools. I get online this morning find this site read all these complaints. I'm going to say its the dog food! Never will I use Iams again! Everyone says the same thing that is happening to my dog!

crystal of san antonio , TX May 29, 2010
i fed my 3 dogs iams soft dog food at first they did not look interested in eating the dog food then they all started to eat it. first my momma dog and her puppy (sherlie) got sick they were vomiting blood and had bloody stools and they wanted water all the time after they got sick they would not eat the iams dog food after they got better but my little baby (maggie) still wanted the dog food i thought nothing of it so i kept giving her the iams soft dog food about a day later she started with the bloody vomiting and bloody stools but i could not save her she died on may 25 2010 just 1 day after getting sick i will never buy iams dog food ever again and please everyone on here do not give your dogs or cats iams it will kill them and now i am left to tell my daughter what happened to her baby (maggie) i just have one question for iams. WHAT AM I GOING TO TELL MY DAUGHTER WHEN SHE ASKS FOR HER DOG (MAGGIE)? PLEASE TELL ME THAT.

Lynn of Spring Branch, TX May 28, 2010
Both big dogs became ill with watery diarrhea the day after I new 40 lb bag of IAMS dog food, Fri., May 25th from the HEB store in San Marcos, TX I have been feeding IAMS products to my pets for at least 10 years without incident. I didn't think anything about the 1st dog getting diarrhea on Saturday afternoon, I stopped food and then the 2nd dog had exact same symptoms on Sunday. All told there were at least 6-8 pools of diarrhea all over the house. I stopped feeding them for 24 hours and then cooked rice and meat with a little yogurt for 4 days for them. No diarrhea, no bowel movements at all. They seemed fine so I thought it must have been a little "bug" they had both had.

Last night I introduced about a cup of the IAMS food to each moistened with water and a couple cupa of rice. They seemed fine this morning. When I got home this afternoon one of the dogs had FILLED THE BOTTOM OF HIS LARGE CRATE WITH DIARRHEA, chewed out of the crate and covered my house with pools and pools of it. The other dog hadn't gone, but when I let her out, she had very very loose stools also with massive amounts of mucus. Carpet in the living areas of the house is basically ruined from at least 9 dinner plate sized pools of diarrhea. The dogs do not appear too sick at this time. However, if further symptoms develop later on, they may need medical attention. Both are large 60+ pounds and 6 years old.

THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS FOOD. PUT OUT AN ALERT, PLEASE BEFORE PEOPLE'S DOGS DIE THAT AREN'T EXPERIENCED TO IMMEDIATELY STOP FEEDING THEM. Iams Consumer Line was closed when I called it so I am going to really push the retailer, the gigantic Texas chain, HEB to get results. Product info is as follows: UPC code 1901411140 Proactive Health 40 Pounds.

LeAnn of INDIANAPOLIS, IN May 23, 2010
Fed our dogs Iam's Proactive Health Large Breed 1yr+ Bar Code 19014-13347 Expiration 5-30-2011 We purchased this dog food and tried feeding it to them. They were never very interested in eating eat. However, when they (Rhodesian Ridgeback and Golden Doodle) did eat it on two occasions, at least one of them would vomit and both of them were very lethargic, seemed unusually thirsty and lost their spunk. I am convinced there is something dangerous about the food. They do not seem to be in immediate danger, I fed them last night and this morning only with the Iam's. I will NOT feed them Iam's ever again. I will moniter their health status over the next few days and am changing their dog food today.

John of Spokane, WA May 16, 2010
Hey everybody, we just wanted to let you know that we have been feeding our dogs Iams Pro Active Mini Chunks AND Puppy Food and all of a sudden they started getting sick. First it was our big dog Zeppelin, she started with diarrhea and slowly turned to vomiting. I believe it was bloody vomit. From whatever is causing them to do this, it's causing them to eventually vomit nothing but blood. Anyways, our dog Chico started having diarrhea and then we started getting worried. Dogs vomiting and massive diarreah. Dogs had many accidents. Puddles of diarreah. Didn't have much of an odor so wasn't tough to clean. Certain it was blood is the reason why. Hardwood floors are damaged due to accidents. Dogs have good records so if any permanent damage will be evident when tested.

There are many things it could be...but our dogs didn't show signs of lethargy or dehydration, or anything that we know to look for in Parvo and other viruses. So before we ran to the vet we thought maybe it was the food and began to research. Go ahead and give it some time and read what people are saying. We instantly went to Albertsons and bought a different brand of dog food.

I hope all your pets are ok...and I don't think cats Iams food is healthy either. As you will read in one story, a guy bought his cats Iams and the cats wouldn't even eat it. Please please let me know if your animals show these symptoms. Also remember that when a dog vomits (or a human) blood, it doesn't look red like when it comes out of our skin. It is usually a rusty brown color. I hope this saves some animal's lives because it most likely just saved ours, or at least a hefty vet bill. Regardless, we are going to keep a close watch on our dogs, because some dogs DID live, but need medications for the rest of their lives now. So we are praying there isn't any permanent damage. Peace and Love.

Joanne of keansburg, NJ May 14, 2010
I switch my dog to iams large breed formula the prebiotic and she recently began drinking water excessively over 42 cups of water in 24 hours and peeing. Vet advised to take her off the product immediately for fear of it causing kidney problems. This is after testing for obvious causes. She has never had this problem and after reading all of this i am taking her off before too late

Sally of Glacier, WA May 14, 2010
My three year old black lab mix had two seizures within a month (April 16 and May 10, 2010) and my six year old black lab had a seizure yesterday, May 13. Neither dog had ever experienced a seizure before. They were eating Iams Proactive Heath Chunks dog food. I switched to a different dog food and healthy supplements and am hoping I can prevent more problems. Time will tell.

peggy of livermore , CA May 14, 2010
I recently purchased a bag of Iams puppy food, about a week after opening this our 14 week old puppy has begun to vomit blood. He was fine before. I called Walmart and they have asked me to bring back the food, and contact iam which i plan on doing first thing tomorrow morning. my opinion to any one is stop using this food or any other iams products, I will never buy it again. I will calling our vet as well.

Sally of Glacier, WA May 14, 2010
My three year old black lab mix had two seizures within a month (April 16 and May 10, 2010) and my six year old black lab had a seizure yesterday, May 13. Neither dog had ever experienced a seizure before. They were eating Iams Proactive Heath Chunks dog food. I switched to a different dog food and healthy supplements and am hoping I can prevent more problems. Time will tell.

peggy of livermore , CA May 14, 2010
I recently purchased a bag of Iams puppy food, about a week after opening this our 14 week old puppy has begun to vomit blood. He was fine before. I called Walmart and they have asked me to bring back the food, and contact iam which i plan on doing first thing tomorrow morning. my opinion to any one is stop using this food or any other iams products, I will never buy it again. I will calling our vet as well.

Denise of Shiloh, NC May 13, 2010
I recently started feeding my dogs Iams mini-chunks dogfood and within days they startrd (sic) having bloody stools and vomiting blood as well. This situation needs attention as soon as possible. I have been reading online all of the reports of other dogs having the same symtoms. Is there anything I should know about this dogfood that in (sic) not already posted online?

Selena of Lindenwood, IL May 11, 2010
Tests results have come back from TWO major universities regarding the food problem (Eukanuba and Iams ~ PUPPY AND ADULT VARIOUS) I'm a breeder and used large breed in both; They were CONFIRMED WITH CONTAMINATION! VOMITOS TOXINS AND BACTERIA'S; THAT'S WHY THE COMPANY IS NOT TESTING FOR ANYTHING BUT PROTEINS, FATS, MOISTURE, ETC. If they don't test, they cannot admit guilt.


I have posted before; I almost lost 15~ 6 weeks babies, 1~ 5 month old baby and 6 adult dogs! The company told me no one else had called with problems. I have spent a lot of money to get my own testing done. CONFIRMED POSITIVE ON CONTAMINATED FOOD! FROM CHEMISTS IN TWO DIFFERENT STATES!

Lauren of Folsom, CA May 11, 2010
After starting a new bag of Iam's Mini Chunks in March, 2010, both of my Scottish Terriers became critically ill. Same symptoms others have listed, vomiting, diarrhea, bloody diarreah, progressing to vomiting pure blood. The male (6 yrs) got sick March 17th and was hospitalized the 20th. The female followed two days later. Her liver Alk-phos was over 14,000 (high normal is 150). After weeks of intensive care by me, the male recovered, however, the female's (8 yrs) liver will never recover and she will be on meds for life (70.00 a month). I contacted Iams and the FDA in mid-April. I also sent sample dog food to an independent lab and am awaiting the results. Because I am a medically retired critical care nurse, I took over their care at home as soon as I could. I am disabled and cannot physically continue making their dog food. We've already spent nearly 4,000 in vet and medication bills and, unfortunatly, I cannot afford to have that bill get much higher. I am gradually weaning them from homemade food to Wellness brand and so far, so good--at least they are both still alive. Yes, Iams has been contacted by others; please contact the FDA and let them know as well. Both these dogs were raised on Iam's so it took me awhile to figure out it was their food. If not for this website, I wouldn't have put out the 375 for independent testing...people need to know what's happening. I'll update this post when I get the results.

Patricia of Conroe, TX May 11, 2010
UP DATE FROM ORIGINAL POST ON APRIL 12, 2010 IAMS mini chunks DOG FOOD. After spending another enormous amount of trying to save him, Baron passed away due to this dog food. He was full of toxins; kidneys shut down etc., and could not be saved. He was a very loved member of our family. I have spoken with "Iams" many times, they are very condescending. They requested samples, I sent them only to find out they only tested for the protein, fat, moisture, etc. They are not testing for toxins, contamination, bacteria, etc. "Iams" Continues telling me, that they have not have any other complaints. Please call 1-800-525-4267 if you have sick pets from this food. Trying to deal with "IAMS" is very frustrating, because they just do not care. They are a huge corporation "Proctor & Gamble" and its all about the big bucks. "IAMS" aims to turn it around that its not there fault, it must be something you, as the consumer & pet owner have done wrong - NOT THEM. IT IS INCONCEIVABLE THAT "IAMS" HAS NOT EVEN POSTED ANYTHING ON THERE WEBSITE ---- THIS PRODUCT MIGHT CAUSE DEATH IF YOUR PETS EAT "IAMS" PRODUCTS. PLEASE DO NOT FEED YOUR PETS "IAMS" Samples of the IAMS dog food has also been sent to an independent lab for testing. My other three Schnauzers are doing fine now, that I am making my own dog food, (With a lot of love added)

Penny of Darlington, SC May 10, 2010
I purchased 35 lb bag of Iams Healthy Naturals. My golden retriever and dachshund both eat this food exclusively. With the last bag, the retriever became very ill. We took her to the vet to check for parasites, etc, nothing. Then the dachshund also became ill with the same thing. The vet said the dog food is bad and is the cause of the illnesses. Both dogs became very ill. We are now having to feed them prescription ID canned food to try to help them recover.

Linda of Roxbury, ME May 3, 2010
My dog was diagnosed with pancreatitis from my giving him too many marrow bones. I was instructed by the Vet to feed a low fat food, so I purchased a bag of Iams Healthy Natural weight Control Dog Food at Walmart. This is not his usual brand, usually purchased at the pet store, but this was a quick fix until I could get to one. We bought a 15LB bag and are 3/4 thru the bag. Today I found an old dried up dead mouse in the bag. My dog's enzyme levels are back to normal, but he has been acting lethargic. Never having tried Iams before, I trusted their past problems had been resolved. I am disgusted that this could happen and will make it my quest to share this experience with all pet lovers.

Linda of Holland, MI April 26, 2010
Sick Dog! I opened a new bag of Iams ProActive dog food and my Golden Retriever has been sick ever since. She has been eating Iams for 11 yrs. with no problems but after starting this new bag she has had the runs and has been vomiting. I took her to the vet over the weekend. They gave her a shot to settle her stomach, an antibiotic, and a probiotic with a bill of 80.00. I've been feeding her hamburger and brown rice, she's been fine ever since getting off the Iams dog food. Please call Iams at 1-800-(675-3849 <-- number removed in original post) to inform them of your circumstances. They said that they haven't received any calls. They did say they would refund my money. 80.00 vet bill

Selena of Lindenwood, IL April 25, 2010
I have now heard from the company and they are disclaiming ANY responsibility whatsoever! They wanted food and biscuit samples; called me to inform me that they are only testing them for the the protein, fat, moisture, etc. content as if they were putting it on the shelf to sell it! They are already selling it, making a profit from it, making dogs/cats sick, as well as killing them! They are not testing for toxins, contamination, bacteria, etc. Each piece of food that I picked up had a piece of Rodent hair baked into it!

My Vet viewed it under the microscope and was very dismayed and was happy to hear that all of the pups and adult dogs are responding well to the new food and are well on their way to recovery. We are now over 11,000 with bills at the Vet, medications and 800 for the help into the recovery of the litter of pups at home. The Dr.'s (there were two that I have spoken to) have concurred that it is NOT the company's issue; that there must be something going on in my home making all of this happen. Never mind that I have been breeding Champion Labs for almost 20 (yes TWENTY!) years and this has NEVER happened before! Procter & Gamble has YET TO PRODUCE A RECALL OF THIS CONTAMINATED FOOD!

Karen of Niota, TN April 24, 2010
About a month ago I purchased a bag of Iams weight control food which I have used frequently before. Within a day or two three of my four dogs began vomiting and/or having diarrhea. I took fecal samples to the Veterinarian where they tested negative for parasites and giardia. The diarrhea persisted and I had the fecal samples tested to culture bacteria. All were negative. I stopped the food on a hunch and all dogs returned to normal. I asked the Veterinarian to check with Veterinary Information Network for any recalls but none were listed. Over 150.00 in lab testing

Janet of Milford, NJ April 20, 2010
On 3/31/10 I purchased a 48 lb bag of IAMs Mini Chunks with the PetSmart logo in Plymouth Meeting, PA. I have used IAMS Mini Chunks before without incident and have successfully transitioned back and forth between it and Eukanuba Maintenance. On 4/3 I poured my dogs remaining Eukanuba chunks into the top of the IAMS bag and began feeding the mix to my three Shetland Sheepdogs. A week to 10 days later I started seeing behavioral changes (lethargy and irritability) then changes in BM schedules. Unfortunately, I did not attempt to examine their BM's, but now believe they were probably becoming runny as they were ingesting higher quantities of the IAMS kibble.

During the night of 4/17, all three dogs had diarrhea and the largest (32 lbs) was wretching. I'm with my dogs 24/7 and have examined the events preceding the diarrhea VERY carefully and must conclude that there is something in the bag of IAMS Mini Chunks I purchased that made the dogs sick. Remarkably, my three dogs consume measured quantities of kibble based on their size, and the severity of their sickness/diarrhea appeared to be commensurate with their intake. The largest dog was the sickest, the middle sized dog less so and the smallest the least.

I contacted the Plymouth Meeting PetSmart on the morning of 4/18 to alert them to my concerns. Then I purchased and began feeding my dogs 2 or 3 pieces of Eukanuba Maintenance every 30 minutes or so. Now (4/20) I've returned to their regular AM/PM meal schedule and they appear to be back to their normal behavior but the largest is still irregular. I'm posting because I see others have recently had problems with IAMS Mini Chunks and want to add my voice for a recall if this problem in epidemic.

Brittney of Buena park, CA April 18, 2010
My 9 year old kitty, 6 year and 4 year old dog have all developed crystals in their urin from eating iams cat food. We have a third 5year old dog who is fine only due to her only eating the dog food and never the cats. 2 weeks ago my cat was the first to be put to sleep because it was to late to treat. Now both male dogs have the same thing the cat died from but hopefully can be treated.

When my cat was put to sleep the vet asked if we fed it iams because it was known for causing crystals to develope in the bladder and if not seen in time could kill pet. Until I found out the dogs developed it also I beleived the death of my kitty was just something that happens in life sometimes. Today I know the vet who put my cat down was hitting the cause of my cats dealth head on with their possibility or personal thought. I lost a close pet costing me 300 to say goodbye. And 1000 + and still rising for two more close pets with possibility of death.

Shauna of san diego, CA April 16, 2010
I started using Iams Dog Food (the green bag) about a month ago. We are currently on our second bag and my APBT starting having trouble going to the potty, she had the runs but now she can't go at all. Maybe because she stopped eating. My Yorkie Poo also stopped eating a few days ago, only having a few bites here and there to sustain.

I didn't draw the connection to the food until today when I hand fed my Yorkie Poo the Iams food because I was concerned since she wasn't eating. As a results, my Yorkie Poo now has diarrhea. I threw out the Iams dog food, both dogs immediately responded to the new food. They suddenly have their appetite back, hopefully the diarrhea seizes. Only time will tell.

Lauren of Dayton, KY April 16, 2010
Gradually switched dog to Iams Lamb & Rice (easily digestible). Noticed onset of grass eating followed by stomach irritation. Finally culminating in diarrhea and vomiting. Vomiting became so severe that it became tainted with blood. Chronic inflammation led to bacterial infection which was treated with antibiotics. Dog made full recovery while on bland diet of boiled rice & turkey. After 1.5wks on the bland diet, Iams was slowly reintroduced (since it was not initially suspected as the problem). Dog quickly relapsed; grass-eating, vomiting (blood tainted) & diarrhea.

Catherine of Hayward, CA April 15, 2010
I have fed my Norwich Terrier Iams Mini Chunks for 6 years .. with no problem. I have just realizied his shaking/diarhea and vomiting must be due to his food (new bag dated 2011) .. I have stopped feeding Iams and fortunately he his back to normal. I am sorry I didn't read this sooner - this has been going on for one month!

Christina of Ledyard , CT April 15, 2010
After feeding and recommending Iams Lamb and rice adult dog food for over 11 years noticing little things here and there ( Grass eating a lot , Chewing on carpet edges then throwing it up, Chewing at their feet, runny noses, Eye discharge). all my dogs have been checked by my vet. allergy test were done but nothing conclusive. I opened a new bag of food and feed their evening meal now two are German Shepherds and one is a Cairn Terrier, All love to eat, but no one would eat their food that night. (sic)

Next morning I put chicken gravy on their food and everyone eat. When I came home early afternoon one of my Shepherds had vomited, By early evening all of my dogs had gotten sick, One had bloody vomit and diearrea, Needed charcoal and IV fluid treatment, then a course of antibiotics. Needless to say, I am now preparing their food and big suprise no grass eating, no chewing at their feet, no runny noses, and no eye issues. I have lost all trust in dog food manufacturers. monitoring the 7 Year old German Shepherd and the other two at this point.

Patricia of Conroe, TX April 12, 2010
IAMS MINI CHUNKS PRODUCT is a staple that I have fed my three Schnauzers and one Schnauzer Mix over a period of time. They are ages 10, 6, 4 and 3 years respectively. Two days after opening and feeding from a new bag of IAMS MINI CHUNKS, my dogs would not eat the food. I assumed the change in the weather from cold to much warmer, my dogs were just not as hungry. Three of the dogs have had to be hospitalized. One dog was able to come home after treatment from the Vet for bacterial infection, causing dehydration & bloody diarrhea. One of the dogs brought home from the hospital yesterday, April 11th 2010, has to see a kidney specialist and is back in the hospital this morning, because of rapid kidney failure.

So far, our bill for veterinarian services is over 5,000.00. This is only the beginning. I wouldn't have known anything about IAMS MINI CHUNKS PRODUCT being tainted except on the consumer complaint site... why doesn't the responsibility lay with IAMS to let the consumer know of this CONTAMINATED PRODUCT? Please advise me as to what the next step should be to clear this product from all shelves, notify all pet owners of a bad product, and some retribution for the massive pain and suffering, not to mention expense for treatment, my dogs and family have experienced because of the irresponsibility of the manufacturer of this product.

Shalonda of Walker, MI April 10, 2010
My dog is a Boxer mix and I have been feeding him Iams ever since the age of 5 months when i got him. He started w/ the puppy formula and ate that fine and I switched the adult (green bag) and he wouldn't eat it alone so I began mixing it w/ canned Iams. He was sick frequently and would constantly eat grass unitl I switched him to the rice and lamb formula (red bag) and he won't eat it alone. there are sometimes he just won't eat. I am finding more and more info about commercialized dog foods and came to the conclusion that my dog is getting sick from the food that i fed him... I am outraged and feel that this should be taken off the market if there are that many repeated incidents of dogs being sick from this product and some even dying.

Ann of Flemington, NJ April 5, 2010
We have been feedings our cocker spaniel and cavalier Iams (in the green bag) for years. We just opened a new bag and our cocker spaniel has been throwing up, has diarrhea with bloody stool. Our cavalier was hesitant to eat the food even though he has been eating it for years and loves it. After reading the other posts, something is wrong with this dog food and Iams needs to address this immediately before other dogs get sick. I am going to call the FDA to complain. Hopefully they will do something.

Read more: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/pets/iams.html


Alison says:
April 22, 2010 at 9:35 am
Kathy, the same thing is happening to my dog. My dog has been on Eukanuba Adult Maintenance formula for about 6 months without any trouble. Recently, he started getting sick (diarrhea, vomiting, and not eating from time to time), but at other times he was okay. We took him to the vet several times to try to figure out what was wrong with him. When we switched him to a wet dog food, the vomiting stopped. As soon as he started to feel better, and we tried to switch him back to Eukanuba, he got sick again. He is doing much better on another brand, and based on the recall history of Eukanuba, and my experience with it, I will stay away from their products. I thought I was doing something good by switching him to Eukanuba. I wish I had done more research before I switched him to that brand.

Kathy Bates says:
February 24, 2010 at 5:47 pm
My dog has been eating Eucknuba (sic) Adult Small Bite Maintenance dry dog food for quite some time. A couple months ago he started having an upset stomach and vomiting. His stools have also been very runny. Could there be something in the dog food that has caused these changes? Sometimes he goes for a couple days without being sick, but them he throws up a short time after having eaten this particular dog food. I realize there was a recall at one point but has the food on the store shelves been changed and no longer cause dogs to get sick? We are taking him to our Vet this coming weekend to have a thorough check up. Let me know if there’s something we should know and if we should stop feeding this particular dog food to our dogs. Thanks.

Val says:
February 13, 2010 at 12:36 am

Unfortunately, our family labrador retriever died of kidney disease a year ago. She had been fed Eukanuba her entire life (she was 9 when she died). I have absolutely no proof that Eukanuba is the one to blame but after doing research on the product I found there were many bad reviews on it.

It’s really upsetting that I didn’t take the time to do the proper research beforehand but I really think she would have lived a longer, healthier life on a better diet.



February 23, 2010 at 7:54 pm
Has anyone else pets show unusual signs who use DRY FOOD.
I am very nervous because she has not been herself lately. I just heard about the recall yesterday and it seems to be only on wet food. I feed her only the dry but I am concern because she has had blood in her poop and also a yellowish color and sleeping alot. Has anyone else pets show unusual signs who use dry food ?




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